Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Mini Albums - Snow Day & Pet

Hi All,

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here are a couple of pictures of some new albums I posted to Etsy recently. One is a beautiful snow day album. It's a little disappointing that so much of the country is not getting snow this year. Hopefully  a lot of you had a chance to see a little snow.

Snow Day Album

Pet Album
Wonderful for any pet including cats, dogs, birds, fish, or reptiles. This album features all of them!

Here are a couple of pictures of the kitties from this weekend...

Closeup of Keilla

Funny picture of Kore while she and Keilla were playing outside...

And one last interesting thing that happened this weekend. I try never to open the door to people selling stuff, but I accidentally did that very thing Saturday morning and next thing I know - this lady is cleaning the grout in between our tile by the front door. Wow - I was instantly impressed and had to call Trent (aka Mr. Clean) to take a look. We ended up purchasing this very expensive bottle of orange cleaner (I'm a sucker for anything not tested on animals and environmentally friendly) and tried this stuff on the grout in our kitchen. Now, we generally keep our house very clean, so we were shocked to see this grout turn from almost a black to its original tan color. Very disgusting...we can't wait to get all of it cleaned. Any cleaner could have probably done the trick, but we learned a very valuable tip - to use a brass wire brush on the grout. Guess it's not always bad spending 20 minutes talking to that sales person at the door afterall :)